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Spoon lure metal blade fishing bait

Product Description


A part of spoon blank( No  paint , No Hooks )


*Quality metal material, many weight can choice

*Attractive painting for fishes

*Vivid swimming actions in water

*Environmental-friendly paint

Spoon  production



Catching fish by Spoon lures



Packaging & Shipping  正28
Packaging & Shipping

Package: Plastic box or OEM.

Shipping: General around 10-20 days after sample confirmed,due to the order
Our  Service:
1. We supply samples to try the quality
2. We supply packing design for free, OEM available
3. We supply good after-sale service
1. When can I get the prices?
We feedback to customers in 24 hours at working days. Please leave meassage to me for your inquiry.
2. How can I get samples or products?
Please reply me the model number of your interested products, and quantity you may need.
After you are satisfied with the prices and shipping, please make payment to us, and I will send you samples.
3. What is the payment method?
Paypal, T/T are available
4. What is the delivery time for mass production?
It depends on the product items, and quantity of your order, generally 7-25 working days.
For details, please contact with us.

Send inquiry to sales:

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Spring Fishing Pacific northwest!!

Hello this just in

WDFW suspends fishing limits for bass,
walleye, channel catfish on Columbia River

OLYMPIA – Starting March 3, anglers can fish for bass, walleye and channel catfish without daily catch or size limits from the mouth of the Columbia River 545 miles upstream to Chief Joseph Dam.

 wow just in time for some great spring fishing. I do plan on learning to catch Walleye this year. We have a ton of them in the Columbia river and some great guides that will give me information and hopefully get my self a freezer full of good eating fish. 

 I am seeing Walleyes starting to pop up on facebook and I caught just a short bit of a siminar put on by someone at the show in Wenatchee. Bottom bouncers for Banks lake not sure about the river but I know they are bottom feeders so sill use downriggers to get to them I suppose.  

Last fall before Mom died I had Bob Feil boats in Wenatchee instal the TR1 on my boat.. it is the supreme trolling tool that alot of guides and local people are using. That is the hardest part of trolling alone is boat control and this will take it out of my hands pretty much

I cannot wait to get out and dial it in. That along with the Lowrance gen2  depth finder chartplotter, I installed last summer and the new Cannon digi troll 10 ,  I should have no trouble fishing the rivers and lakes as I want.

 I also just picked up a Truck camper this winter so I can tow the boat to these launches stay over night and get early starts on the fishing and in the heat of the day lay in the camper and fish the evening bite.  Since I do have 2 cats at home I can not stay gone more that a couple of days at a time and I do have this business that when I do get orders folks will not want to wait to long to get their merchandise.  

So if you see me on the water or towing down the hiways be sure to honk and say Hi.  

I will try to keep this up dated!

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Wenatchee Valley Sportsman Show


Well I just got back from the Sportsman show and it was a blast. Lots of people showed up and my brother Ernie and sister Melinda stopped by a few hours each day and helped me out. 

After I figured out how I wanted to set up my booth and got most everything up it was just a matter of trying to sell. Lots of folks saw the tackle on the poles and I had to remind them only the covers were for sale and the poles and tackle was to  show what size lures and flashers each could hold. 

Unfortunately for me I had picked up a cold a few days before the event, and those that know me know I rarely get sick and always had good luck  in curbing my colds to a couple of days and thought I did just that with this one. But Thursday afternoon as Melinda and I were finishing setting up I started losing my voice- crap, so I went home took a bunch of meds and stuff and the next day, the first day of the show, I could barely talk. I soon realized how hard it was for my Dad who lost his voice box due to cancer a long time ago, to communicate. 

Well I muddled thru and  Friday was not to busy and Melinda came Saturday to help as did Ernie in the afternoon and also Sunday afternoon.. All in all it was fun and plan on doing it again next year probably in the same spot. Now it is time to get my voice and health back so i can get the boat out and do some fishing!! I will attach a pictures to this as soon as I can.. thanks for reading my Blog

Source: washington fishing