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SHAD UMBRELLA  4 ARM  (8- 6″  1- 10″ )

200LB LEADER  4 Arm Umbrella :(90G)  8pcs 

6pcs line  4“10CM  2PCS line18”46CM1PC FF09-5 line 45“115CM 

9pcs CRANE SWIVEL with Coastlook 

8pcs MUSTAD 7/0 hook 1PC MUSTAD 8/0 hook   








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CHOCT6 unique colorized long head trolling lures

  • Magnum-sized skirted troller
  • Ideal for high-speed trolling, on cable, down deep
  • Deadly for wahoo, also larger dolphin, tuna, billfish, etc.
  • Suggested trolling speed: 7–15 knots
  • Fishes well from rigger and flat line positions
  • Rig with an 8/0 or 9/0 hookset
  • Colorized circularity in head
  • Bullet shape head make it  more smooth  for swimming

This unique trolling lure features long circularity in head .  colorful and long skirts  which make it to be the number one to dive  to the deep water and then return to the surface.

This is an outstanding, super-versatile choice for high-speed wahoo trolling! Fish it down in the water column, behind a large trolling lead rigged with cable and these streakers will jump all over it—as will larger dolphin, tuna, wahoo and billfish.



















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Fishing tackle Sourcing agent factory audits form china

fishing tackle We have many years of experience in this fishing tackle, and have worked hard to reduce the risk for all of our customers.

Our multi-faceted and highly skilled team can handle all aspects of your project from beginning to completion.

How to Work

Three main performance areas of fishing tackle business:

Quality, Cost, On-time delivery , find balance for the 3 point.

Our process includes the following steps:

 First sign Non-Disclosure Agreement contract.
1) Target market and information sharing:
we’ll need to receive critical information for products and target market that is pertinent to your product.
Please send us examples ,photos drawings, and more.

2) Made sample and building model for new products. and arrange product test.
like as in water action for fishing lures. arrange to river lure fishing, lake lure fishing ,
sea fishing for china sea and world test team.  for marlin, tuna, octopus, big mouth bass, sea bass,
trout etc.

3) Selecting perfect factory
Do not look for the biggest factory, the lowest price, or an (often meaningless) ISO9001 / CE certificate.
every factory has owner best products. like as lead lure or soft plastic lures.lures-test-set

or fishing hooks, it’s need many different production line and different works. and every has unique features,
or need sophisticated equipment( for CNC fishing reel) or need many skilled works(fishing line to jigging hooks)
we will accept no less than three separate bids from factories interested in working with us.

4) Bulk production. QC check and week report . Delivery time , cargo or sea shipping . Reliability logistics company with DHL, TNT, Fedx , China EMS.

Products we serve

Main products:

Fishing rods, fishing lures, fishing reels, fishing line, fishing accessory, inflatable fishing boat, fishing boat, fishing wader, fishing hooks.

Special series:

Carp fishing series. rods, reels, lines,  pliers, box, wader, lures etc.

Trolling fishing series. Trolling lures, Jigging rods, PE lines,Trolling Rods, Jigging Trolling reels.

Fly fishing series. fly fishing rods, lines, fly fishing hooks.

The key points of our mission statement include:

Reducing manufacturing  Sourcing risk :

share our 11 years ago experience for fishing tackle. We always look for ways to improve the quality of a products, and  guarantee bulk goods same sample. 

Reduce Costs : Save time, design new product, quick made sample, modify.

Improve Reliability :

We make the manufacturing experience easy and enjoyable. Our customer service staff is second to none, and we work hard to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction during each step of the manufacturing process.

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wholesale soft shad fishing lure set popular bass fishing tackle

Kmucutie is a manufacturer and supplier of soft fishing lures, including soft worms, soft grubs, soft shad, soft creature baits.

The soft fishing lures are all made up of quality soft plastic material, as well as rubber, silicone, BASF, TPR material, good capacity

and bright colors; they could be added salt and other fishy smell to attract the fishes; good shape design to create lifelike swimming

actions in water.


There are several modles of soft shad fishing lure set, which are popular for bass fishing


CHSOFT30  130mm soft shad lure

CHSOFT30-130mm_1-3 CHSOFT30-130mm_2-3

CHSOFT33  100mm 6g soft shad lure set



Bulk fishing baits wholesle , find us now :

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Join email list : click here !


Kmucutie fishing tackle wholesale suppliers

Find best agent / fishing tackle wholesale

How to join us ?

  1. Read our distributor page and about us
  2. Find customers  get sample , like as fishing rod, fishing reel , fishing lures or other fishing tools.
  3. Trial order to us
  4. Running fishing tackle business together us.

Why join us ?


  1. Factory price, by our owner factory production , direct sell to AU, US, CA, JP and wild world.
  2. Quality  Guarantee,  more than 10 year fishing tackle deal business, No cheap products.
  3. Help you running internet marketing
  4. Inventory  system, help you get real production quantity
  5. Dropping shipping support
  6. OEM ,Private label  welcome

This is new product list , please enjoy it  .

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Conatct us :

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CHS520 jigging rod

The  Jigging Rod is the new generation of super light but powerful saltwater fishing rods from China. This rods are built with Fuji K guides with Alconite inserts specifically for fishing with braided line.  the premium rod blanks enable us to make a thinner, lighter rod that still takes the extra strain of big hard fighting fish. An aluminum gimbal provides considerable advantage in keeping the rod butt solidly planted in the fighting belt to minimize fatigue during prolonged battles. A Pac Bay non-corrosive aluminum reel seat keeps reel firmly secured without loosening when traveling over rough waters. Non-slip synthetic grips hold up to long days under the sun and saltwater spray, while providing a secure grip.

  • Super light but powerful saltwater fishing rod
  • Great for fishing with braided fishing line
  • Fuji K guides with Alconite inserts
  • Premium rod blanks
  • Aluminum gimbal
  • Non-slip synthetic grips
  • Aluminum reel seat







why join us

High Efficiency

     Save time and money for you based on internet technology

     Inventory system in real-time

     Stable relationship with TNT DHL EMS

 High Reputation

     60% orders from our regular customers

     Establish the sales system with you

 High Professionality

     Professional in fishing tackle production

     Professional service for packing design

     Professional customer service team

wholesale policy
  1. We supply good wholesale prices for all soft fishing lures.
  2. The minimun quantity depends on different models, please contact me for details.
  3. Packing:Big plastic bag/ PETE bag/Your private label packing design
  4. Quick delivery, based on good relationship with TNT DHL EMS
  5. Samples supplied to try the quality

CHMN31 big belly minnows

Taking fish from skinny water can really get your adrenaline pumping, and that’s exactly what the  Floating Minnows were born to do. Work it on the surface or crank it down and let it rise back up. Either way, the Floating Minnow’s super loud rattles immediately draw fish to its brilliant, lifelike finish while the big-time action provokes them to strike. Extra-sharp hooks.

  • Super loud rattles
  • Brilliant, lifelike finishes
  • Big-time action
  • Big belly body
  • reflective and flash surface


























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Hand Made Bullet Head Saltwater Trolling Lure Big Game

CHOCT3 CHOCT3 Bullet head trolling lures

Item number CHOCT3
Type Artificial trolling lures
Materials Resin head PVC skirts
Length 9 inch
Weight 32g
Colors Various colors
Package One piece in a opp bag
MOQ 200pcs
Trade terms FOB, CIF, CFR,EXW and so on
Payment terms T/T, Western Union, Ali Secure Payment, Trade Assurance, Paypal and so on.
Hand Made Bullet Head Saltwater Trolling Lure  Big Game

Hand Made Bullet Head Saltwater Trolling Lure Big Game

Hand Made Bullet Head Saltwater Trolling Lure  Big Game

Hand Made Bullet Head Saltwater Trolling Lure Big Game

Features4 600-9DSC_0729DSC_0727

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Big game tournament lures custom abalone resin head trolling marlin 16 oz

Item number CHOCT14
Model Type Artificial Trolling skirts lures 
Materials PVC head and PVC skirts 
Length 4.5″
Weight 15g
Brand Chentilly/Kmucutie
Sample Available
MOQ 200pcs 
Package One piece in a OPP bag or 5 pieces in a zipper bag
Trade terms FOB, CIF, CFR, EXW and so on 
Payment terms T/T, Western Union, Trade Assurance, Ali Secure Payment, Paypal and so on
Delivery time If in stock, will send goods within 3 working days, if needs production, around 20 working days.

CHOCT14 Trolling Skirts lures

1.Made of PVC head and PVC skirts

2.Big 3D eyes and bright colors attract fish well

3.Various skirts can be choosen from

4.OEM is available

5.Looking for distributors all over the world

DSC_0619_1 DSC_0629_1 DSC_0628_1 DSC_0632_1 DSC_0630_1 DSC_0636_1

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Hydro Squirt squid tuna lure 140mm drag queen5 1/2″ 140mm 5/8 oz Lure

CHSQUID2 Hydro Squirt Lure

Model Hydro Squir Model
Size 235MM / 45G
Swimming Motion Trolling
Hooks Sharp and High Penetration Hooks
Eyes Large 3D Laser Eyes
Colors As shown in photo’s.
MOQ 200pcs
Package Opp bag
Trade terms FOB, CIF, CFR, EXW and so on
Payment terms T/T, Western Union, Ali Secure Payment, Trade Assurance, Paypal and so on.
Features Hard body with long flowing tentacle skirt.

Heavy duty through wire helps to stay hooked upped.

Trolling speed up to 10 knots.

Dive depth up to six feet.

Specifically designed for kingfish,snapper,jewfish,tuna, and a lot more game fish species.

A perfect trolling lure with an incredible translucent finish that mimics one of nature’s best baits, the Hydro Squirt is perfectly suited for either casting or trolling to nearly any saltwater gamefish! It’s irresistible finish, tough through-wire construction, and super-sharp hooks make this a must-have for anglers.
Brand new Hydro Squirt Lure.These Lures are an excellent squid imitation designed for cast or troll lure.

details_1 未标题-1_3 成体路水印 小600 未标题-4

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