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Saltwater fishing quality products suppliers, Factory price and in stock wholesale

For Fishing tackle shop, Outdoor shop, Fishing men, Captain, Guide, Gift….

Help your growing fishing tackle business

100 pcs wholesale price, 1000 pcs factory price, Quality guarantee.

No MOQ, Retail from amazon,ebay.

Main products and services:
1)For Jigging fishing: 40g 60g 80g 100g 120g 160g 200g etc Lead jigs,
Full metal Jigging reels, Assist Hooks, Strong Snap and swivel,
9000,10000,12000 spinning reels, Jigging rods.

2)For Trolling fishing: 4.5”, 6.5”, 7”, 8”, 9”, 11” soft, hard,
metal head double skirt trolling lures, Circle hooks and tuna hooks,
4x,6x fishing lines.
Big game fishing reel. Spear bar( 4 Arm, 6 Arm, 9 arm etc)

3)For Egging fishing( 2#, 3#, 3.5#, 4# squid jigs and egging color set)

4)For Hot sales in eBay, Amazon,Wish etc..quick assemble and custom unique products for you.

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soft swimbait BASF material hollow fishing lures manufactorer

soft swimbait CH14SF8

BASF material, durable and soft enough.

Hollow body.

Can be used many ways,match with single hooks, jig head and so on.

Extra thickness on the nose area to help stay on the hook longer without superglue.

Lifelike swimming action.

mutli color. 4.5inch 11g


Boat fishing rod KBT30-SC792M

Kmucutie provide fishing lures wholesale to worldwide.


China Direct Supplier-fishing tackle wholesale expert

We is a professional fishing tackle products and custom made products manufacturer in China, freshwater fishing tackle, saltwater fishing tackle and feature like squid jigs,fly fishing flies. We can manufacture products according to customers request, printing custom logo and shipping to worldwide.

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Kmucutie fishing tackle have special Offers from 20th to 30th September

Kmucutie fishing tackle was selected from 2000 companies via alibaba.
To give you significant support to your fishing tackle business,we have special
Offers from 20th to 30th September.
Soft vibe
Soft lures double color
11” Trolling lures
Bucktail jigs
Trolling lures set

Some lures free
Samples free or half priceTrolling lure, bucktail jig, soft bait, shrimp, lead jig, hooks much more discount!

And also,
Order over 1000usd deduct 50usd
Over 500usd deduct 20usd

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kmu-cutie fishing tackle wholesale

Wholesale fishing tackle

Wholesale fishing tackle from china. One step solutions for fishing tackle business. including fishing lures , fishing rods, fishing knife, fishing net, fishing wader. More than 60000+ SKU for  fishing lures, Free sample available and delivery within 3 days, Factory price for wholesale, Totally package design free.

One step solutions for fishing lure business. you Can

Made you unique fishing lures, fit you market and target fish. change famous hooks, like Mustad, VMC, BKK  or Japan hooks and accessory . Find no-Logo package quick begin sale . Dropping shipping small order for us.
Our company is specialized in supply competitive fishing tackle and service for fishing tackle, outdoor sports, game fishing and water sports company and stores by self-developed quick response fishing tackle supply chain system.

Fishing hooks we produce two series: KMU-HS stainless steel hook and KMU-HC high-carbon hook with production ability 1 million pieces per day. Kmucutie® and Alfacutie™ are our registered trademarks.

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Ball Bearing Swivel Solid Rings Connectors Saltwater Fishing #1 to #10


stainless steel ball bearing swivel solid rings saltwater fishing 28lb to 500lb

Item name: ball bearing swivel solid rings


#1     28.6lb    31mm

#2    46lb       35mm

#3    72.7lb     40mm

#4    92lb       50mm

#5    114.6lb    56mm

#6    176lb     68mm

#7     187.4lb   73mm

#8     187.4lb    81mm

#9     275lb     94mm

#10    503lb    98 mm


Quality:Swivel made of copper body with stainless steel welding ring.Snap made of stainless steel with nickle plated.

Reliable: Excellent corrosion resistance,abrasion resistance and shock resistance.Perfect for saltwater and small size for freshwater.

Smooth:Stainless steel balls loaded for smooth action, rotating without limit and reduce twist to minimum.

  1. We supply good wholesale prices for all models of squid jigs
  2. The minimun quantity depends on different models, please contact me for details.
  3. Packing:Big plastic bag/ PETE bag/Your private label packing design
  4. Quick delivery, based on good relationship with TNT DHL EMS
  5. Samples supplied to try the quality

  1. Professional service team to meet your requirements for products, packing and delivery
  2. Hundreds of models for products, help you to catch the market in time
  3. Solving your problems related your purchasing plan, save time and money for you
  4. Whether you are owner of fishing tackle shop, distributors, wholesalers or fishing tackle company, we will supply you suitable products and service.
  5. 50% orders from our regular customers, thanks for trust from you!
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Best wholesale partner

As reliable fishing tackle industry supply chain organizer, we can provide overall import order plan for you. We specialize in fishing tackle  support for  wholesale companies. Our core expertise is building sustainable and predictable fishing tackle products and services.One step solutions for fishing lure business. you Can


  •   Made you unique fishing lures, fit you market and target fish. change famous hooks, like Mustad, VMC, BKK  or Japan hooks and accessory .
  •   Find no-Logo package quick begin sale .
  •   Dropping shipping small order for us.

Support list :

  • More than 60000+ SKU for  fishing lures
  • Free sample available and delivery within 3 days
  • Factory price for wholesale
  • Totally package design free
  • Sort Catalog by fishing
  • DHL, TNT, Fedex, UPS Partner, track number available
  • OEM, private label welcome
  • Distributors all over the world