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kmucutie is Trolling lures manufacturer,

from 4.5-inch to 12-inch trolling lures for marlin, tuna, wahoo fish. Custom for your order. any size and color.

Feature trolling lures:

Bullet head for Wahoo

Acrylic head trolling lures

Resin head trolling lures

Trolling skirt lures

Trolling lures package

Thanks for your interest in kmucutie fishing tackle manufacturer.

We specialize in trolling fishing tackle support for wholesale companies.

Our core expertise is building sustainable and predictable fishing tackle products and services.

  • More than 3000+ fishing lures
  • Totally package design free
  • Sort Catalog by fishing
  • DHL, TNT Partner
  • OEM, private label welcome
  • Distributors all over the world