chlp28 lead head with soft skirts lure


Kmucutie jig heads, including many different types based on different shapes and design;

the jig heads could be used together with soft worms, soft grubs,

and soft shad fishing lures, to create perfect fishing tool for saltwater and freshwater fishing,

for bass/pike/trout fishing.

CHLP28 Lead head pvc skirts fishing lure

Weight: 40/60/80/100/120/150/180/200/250/300g

This lead jig, made up of lead head with 3D big eyes, soft plastic body and skirts with stainless steel hook The new design and bright colors will attract the fihes, like bass, trout pike and so on,

whether in saltwater and freshwater.

Popular style of lead metal jigs with skirts fishing lure.  1CHLP28_1-1CHLP28_1-2CHLP28-1-1未标题-1

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