CHLP81 Lead jig head soft shad body fishing lure


The lead head soft shad fishing lure, is a perfect combination, from lead jig heads and soft shad lures.

This lure have a great fishing effect in saltwater for pike, trout, pollock, bass fishing.

The beautiful surface and attractive colors, will be much attractive for many types of fishes, whehter in darkness

and deep water. Rigged soft fishing lures with hook, it is diffecult for big mouth fishes to escape.

CHLP81  Lead head soft shad lure

This fishing lure is a combination from lead head jig hooks and soft shad body;

The shad lead head jig, 3D big fishing eyes, bright painting colors; the soft shad body is made up of

quality PVC material, with various colors, lifelike fish fin and paddle tail, make vivid swimming actions in water.

IMG_0158 IMG_0162 IMG_01652

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