CHS020 small luminous live shrimp fishing lure


A consistent drop rate with lead weight, lifelike swimming action, and downward-facing vibration legs make shrimp Lures easily capable of outfishing.

These lures are made of quality TPR material and impregnated with farm-grown shrimp to resemble the taste and like real shrimp.

Excellent for almost every saltwater species, including snook, redfish, flounder, tarpon, ladyfish, jacks, and sheepshead.

Kmucutie shrimp have also proven effective on freshwater trout and bass.

CHS020  small soft shrimp lure

Length: 50mm

Weight: 1g

Quality soft plastic material make lifelike mini live shrimp fishing lure

Luminous body, fishy smell, with hook or without hook both available



DSC_1042 DSC_1039 DSC_1036DSC_1043

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