CHSOFT19 soft grub fishing lure for crappie and bass


Kmucutie makes more styles and models of soft fishing lures, including soft worms, soft grubs, soft shad, soft creature baits.

The soft fishing lures are all made up of quality soft plastic material, as well as rubber, silicone, BASF, TPR material, good capacity

and bright colors; they could be added salt and other fishy smell to attract the fishes; good shape design to create lifelike swimming

actions in water.

CHSOFT19  Double tail soft grub fishing lure

Length: 105mm

Weight: 11g


  1. Quality soft plastic material, high quality, fishy smell
  2. Bright and attractive painting colors, customized colors available
  3. Double tail, lifelike body, create attractive swimming actions in water
  4. A good choice for bass/crappie/saugeye/walleye fishing

DSC_0940 DSC_0939

DSC_0944 DSC_0942

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