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How to choose squid jigs color for best catch?

Does not advocate to bright color, to determine in accordance with the situation continues, in poor visibility at dawn or dusk and at night, or when the daytime squid to hide in the high vigilance outside, will first choose bright coloured color down, causing them to pay attention to the attack and, if they do not buy it, will use the dark squid jigs(egi)!

squid jigs(egi) are used in different colors for color use:

Pink:Used in cloudy days.

Orange:Dusk or dawn with the sun.Green:It is used at noon when the water is clear or the sun is out.

Blue:The water is added to the midday of the sun.

Coffee:In the dark, completely covered with fishing using the rocks.

Yellow:Used on the beach.

Grass green:Used in the bay of algae full of Inner Bay.

Black:Used when other colors do not work.

White (Glow):The night fish used in the moon night

Important rules for squid fishing techniques

As for the trailing and jumping squid jigs.It’s actually how you operate the fishing rod freely and attract the octopus. So there are many methods of operation, as if there are many operating methods like throwing the lure fishing, the basic action or the jumping ,traction,Z-action

The key point is:To give them the time and distance of the capture is to give the time and distance to the bait. Because the octopus are the bait trees when they sink in the bait.

Hit :The squid and the shrimp are all carried out when the squid jig sinking.

Select a location where a strong light shines into the water

Try different depths

Try different colors

Keep your jig moving at all times

Set the hook when you feel the slightest pull on your line

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